Jeremy Nolen Brings a German Delicatessen to Reading Terminal Market

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Rendering of Wursthaus Schmitz
Jeremy Nolen (Brauhaus Schmitz, Philadelphia) is in the process of starting a Schmitz empire with the impending opening of Wursthaus Schmitz. Whereas Brauhaus is a restaurant, Wursthaus will skew more casual, combining German delicatessen and sandwich shop. Nolen shares more about Wursthaus and makes us hungry for sausage.

The details on Wursthaus

RIA: Tell us the idea behind Wursthaus Schmitz.
Nolen: We’re going to be a German delicatessen and sandwich shop. You can buy sandwiches from us to eat in the Reading Terminal Market or you can buy sausages, charcuterie, and prepared foods as well as German grocery items to take home.

RIA: What inspired you to open a new place?
Nolen: We’ve always made our own sausage and charcuterie here and we toyed with the idea of opening a butcher shop or something like that to feature our sausages. The Reading Terminal Market announced their renovation plans and indicated that they needed vendors to fill some newly available space. We talked about it and decided to pursue it because we feel it would be such a great location. We contacted the market and they were interested. We wrote a business plan and gave a demo of our food and they loved it and invited us to open a stand. We decided that we would sell our sausages and other products to take home and also sell sausage sandwiches to eat in the market. It’s going to be like a little delicatessen of German products with the addition of sandwiches, including some specialty sandwiches as well.

RIA: How did you come up with the name?
Nolen: We wanted to keep the same branding as Brauhaus Schmitz so Wursthaus makes sense because that is the majority of food we will be selling.

RIA: What type of things will be on the menu?
Nolen: On the hot side we are offering sausage sandwiches. You can order a bratwurst or many of the other varieties of sausage and get toppings like sauerkraut, spicy German mustards, potato salad, and more. In addition to that we will be offering specialty sandwiches which we are developing now. Basically it will be a sausage sandwich with different toppings, a completely composed sandwich. We will also be making kartoffelpuffer, which are German potato pancakes with sour cream and applesauce, and gulasch, a spicy Hungarian-style beef stew.

RIA: What are you most excited about doing at Wursthaus Schmitz?
Nolen: We’re really excited about being in the market with its long history and great vendors, especially because of the history of German settlers in Philadelphia. The Reading Terminal Market hasn’t had a German specialty vendor in over ten years so we’re really excited to bring that back.

RIA: What are the main differences between Wursthaus and Brauhaus? And what are the similarities?
Nolen: The main differences are that Brauhaus is a full-service restaurant and Wursthaus is a market stand. There won’t be any beer available at the Wursthaus. All the sausages will be made at Brauhaus so you can get the same thing at both places and Wursthaus will have more exclusive items that are only available at the Market.

RIA: When is the projected opening?
Nolen: We are planning to be open around September 15th.

compiled by Matt Kirouac


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